We believe that Alamar Healthcare, Inc. is the solution for new patients who face the challenge of searching successfully for the answer to the questions, "where are there doctors near me  who will meet my medical needs?" Or, "Where is there urgent care near me for established patients?"  New patients, whether healthy or sick, may schedule a new patient visit, at 1-805-484-0055.   After your first physician visit, you may schedule all  follow-up medical appointments for chronic diseases, acute care, or urgent care as our appointment times allow at the same phone number.  Our physicians in primary care treat or coordinate specialty health care for diseases such as  cardiovascular, heart disease, IBS, stroke, and T.I.A.  We also treat the internal medicine and geriatrics conditions common to cancers such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, and lung cancer.   Alamar Healthcare providers treat or coordinate mental health conditions with specialists including depression, anxiety, dementia and Alzheimers Disease.  Our doctors and hand-picked on-call physicians follow our patients from the Alamar Healthcare office to hospital, nursing home, and assisted living, and coordinate care planning with home health agencies and hospice. 

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​​​Comprehensive Internal Medicine  & Geriatrics Since 1995 In Office, Hospital, and Skilled Nursing Home

Patient-centered Medical Care
​​We have a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing expertise, compassion, and affordable medical solutions. Find out why our doctors are community leaders in their field. 

At Alamar Healthcare, once you choose your Personal Physician, your chosen Physician provides you Primary Care and is responsible for coordinating your care among our own in-house doctors with your choice of other outside qualified community professionals. 

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Are you challenged by the problem of finding a doctor who is compassionate, knowledgeable, accessible, and who treats you like a whole person, as an individual with unique medical needs?  A doctor who actually listens and really cares? A medical office that accepts your PPO or Original Medicare insurance Plan, and accepts HMO patients outside their Plan as cash patients?    If so, we at Alamar Healthcare have the answer to your search for the right Internal Medicine and Geriatrics doctors.   

The qualities you are searching for in a primary care medical practice have come to be known as a "Medical Home" practice.  Today’s Medical Home is an advanced way of providing healthcare in the medical office as well as at the bedside in the hospital, nursing home, or Assisted Living.  Our Medical Home at the Alamar Healthcare clinic is Patient-Centered, that is, service is always delivered in a manner where you, the patient, comes first.   

Our goal is to maintain a practice that facilitates partnerships between you, our individual patient, and your personal physician, and when appropriate, your family or caregivers. Care is improved by combining compassionate care with science-based healthcare, validated by respected research, using the most current technology, to assure that you will get the appropriate care when and where needed in an understandable manner that is respectful of each patient's culture. 

​Our patient financial responsibility policy is to collect Practice fees in a highly professional, prompt manner that is simple for our valued patients. CREDIT CARDS ARE ACCEPTED.

​​Why is Alamar Healthcare, Inc. at the forefront of patient-centered medical practice in our community and how does this enable us to exceed your expectations?

Call to join us as a new patient or to receive information at 1-805-484-0055 or  24/7 Answ. Service

We offer the healthcare services of:

  • Jeffrey B. Allan, M.D.,  Senior Physician and Internist, Geriatrician, Hospitalist, Nursing Home doctor, and Gerontologist.  As a former licensed Nursing Home Administrator, Dr. Allan has significant experience in inpatient rehabilitation and long-term care. 
  • Avan “Ava” M. Patel, M.D.,  Dr. Allan's associate. is an Internist, Geriatrician, Hospitalist, and Wound Care Specialist.  She also has expertise in Nursing Home Care and Women’s Health. ​

Please note that some patients choose to make a switch to our other physician for personal comfort in instances like the women’s health exam or the male prostate exam.   Our staff can easily arrange this switch for you, either for the short term or on-going long term.

Medical Home for Patient-Centered Care

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New and follow-up appointments can be
made during normal business hours.  When you have a need for urgent care, please tell our staff or tell the answering service.  You may receive faster access  at our office for urgent care conditions generally at lower cost than Emergency Room fees. 


We accept most major PPO insurances and Traditional
(Original) Medicare, VA Choice, and VCHCP.  We care for HMO patients and high-deductible patients as cash patients.​

Internal Medicine for Adults of All Ages and Geriatric Medicine at Office, Hospital, Nursing Home, Assisted Living & Board and Care


Paying For Services
Jeffrey B. Allan, M.D. and Avan M. Patel, M.D.
Jeffrey B. Allan, M.D. and Avan M. Patel, M.D.

Your Medical Home, Personalized, Since 1995.

​​There are many benefits derived from joining us as a patient. Discover many of the healthcare options and community referral services we offer our patients and their families at our Medical Home. 

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