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New and follow-up appointments can be
made during normal business hours. 
When you have a need for urgent care, please indicate that with our staff or with the answering service.  Our urgent care appointment may enable you to receive care more quickly for non life-threatening conditions and, generally, less expensively than Emergency Room care.


We accept most major

insurances and Traditional

(Original) Medicare.


Internal Medicine for Adults of All Ages and Geriatric Medicine

Patients tell us that once they walk through our doors, they feel at home.  Why?...because we offer our patients the warm, traditional style of medical practice called "Patient-centered Medical Care."

Patient-centered Medical Care is a value, a pledge, a constant commitment by every doctor in our Practice that ...

  • you will have an ongoing relationship with your choice of personal physician trained to provide first contact, continuous and comprehensive care with encouraged open access to other doctors within the practice.
  • you will be treated as a whole person with attention to body, mind, culture, spirit, and family relationships, and you will receive referrals to community support services.
  • doctors will treat you as a partner in your care not only to heal, but to preserve dignity and respect for you, your family, and caregivers.
  • wellness and prevention of illness become paramount goals which we encourage through patient education and support of good health and lifestyle habits.
  • your care is coordinated personally by our own doctors across hospitals, home health agencies, and nursing homes that we visit.
  • when you need specialty care, you will be referred to both local and University specialist physicians as appropriate. 
  • each doctor will use evidence-based medicine,  that is, the way effective physicians make decisions about how to provide care using the best available treatments while meeting the needs and values of the patient.
  • access includes same-day "urgent" appointments whenever possible.
  • your choice of telephone-based or office visit-based patient condition updates may be given to concerned family and caregivers with your expressed  permission .

Our office staff is trained to provide invaluable contacts with many free and low-cost community resources including:  patient care management services; free unbiased insurance rights advocates; lists of home health agencies and hospices.  To better serve patients and the community, we provide an updated, free self-help resource directory,  click here on this website.   The resources directory includes dozens of links to free advocacy and information agencies related to medical health, mental health, and social services for all age groups.

We are honored to serve so many of you in our community and we are grateful for the referrals that build and strengthen our Practice.




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