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New and follow-up appointments can be
made during normal business hours. 
When you have a need for urgent care, please indicate that with our staff or with the answering service.  An urgent care appointment may enable you to receive care more quickly for non life-threatening conditions and, generally, less expensively than Emergency Room care.


We accept most major

insurances and Traditional

(Original) Medicare.


Internal Medicine for Adults of All Ages and Geriatric Medicine

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We welcome new patients.  Join us!  Urgent Care available by appointment.

About Alamar Healthcare: Our Doctors and Staff

WHY CHOOSE ALAMAR HEALTHCARE?  Alamar Healthcare is distinguished by our unique, mutli-generational Internal Medicine and Geriatric Medicine practice.  Dr. Jeffrey Allan and Dr. Avan Patel treat adults of all ages. We serve patients from young adult through  the senior years. Our Practice offers new patient appointments, follow-up visits, and when conditions require a more immediate response, we offer appointments for Urgent Care. 

Alamar Healthcare is grateful for awards from government and peer organizations.  Moreover,  we are truly privileged to be invested with the trust of active and retired healthcare professionals and their families to serve as their personal providers.  It is the ultimate testimonial to be honored by our peers.
The Doctors of 
Alamar Healthcare, Inc. include:                                                                     

Jeffrey Allan, M.D.

The founder of the practice, Jeffrey B. Allan, M.D., began his career as a USC-trained gerontologist, nursing home administrator, and a founding board member of the Los Angeles Chapter of the  Alzheimer's Association.  Within a view years, Dr.  Allan chose to follow his life's dream to become a physician, graduating from the UCLA school of Medicine. After an Internal Medicine residency in Texas, he returned to UCLA for a two-year Fellowship in Clinical Geriatrics. Dr. Allan's work with young and older military veterans at the Sepulveda Veterans Administration Hospital, along his previous career accomplishments, enabled Dr. Allan to establish a noteworthy and award-winning practice for adults in Camarillo in 1995. He serves both men's health and women's health.  His service to young and old adults throughout his career has intensified Dr. Allan's awareness of the early symptoms of pre-mature aging in mid-life.  Dr. Allan is a firm believer in Benjamin Franklin's adage that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”   

Avan Patel, M.D.

Avan ("Ava")  Patel, MD, Internal Medicine, is an internist with specialization in men's and women's preventive healthcare and  geriatric care.  She also is nationally certified  in wound care.   She has expanded her training under Dr. Allan's guidance to include an even higher awareness of the early symptoms of premature aging conditions in mid-life.    Dr. Patel was raised in the San Fernando Valley, attended St. George's Medical School, and then completed her Internal Medicine residency and training in England and the East Coast.  In addition to general Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, she brings new medical technology skills to the practice, especially in the areas of wound management, mini-doppler testing of blood vessel sufficiency (stroke risk), and nursing home skin ulcer prevention.   Dr. Patel serves both mens health and womens health issues for preventive medicine and maintenance of health.